A Work in Progress

The Guide is a site specific immersive promenade piece inspired by Gothic horror and heightened with illusion.

Rogue Compass recently undertook a two week development of The Guide. A work in progress performance took place at Lauriston Castle Midlothian. 

The creative team decided embarked on exploring this concept after the success of Scott Smith’s production The Séance and Rogue Compass Production's At The Illusionist’s Table. We hoped to develop our work one step further and explore integrating magic into a more theatrical narrative structure. 

Our exploration so far has involved us researching the idea and relevant themes, developing character, devising and scripting a narrative which allows for an audience journey through a sensitive site and working to develop and integrate illusion into this framework. 

To watch the trailer please click here


The Creative Team

Co-devised, co produced and Directed by Helen Milne

Co-devised, Effects Creation and Performed by Scott Smith 

Scripted by Lucy Ribchester | Scripted by Stephen Duffy



With special thanks to

Creative Scotland, Vision Mechanics Lauriston Castle and Mike Durum for his support.